About Us

Our purpose is to:

  • Promote professional and technical accomplishments of individuals working in cable telecommunictions and related industries, and provide opportunities to recognize their accomplishments.
  • Promote the communication on issues of technical and/or mutual concern between cable telecommunications and broadband communication industries and:
    • the state cable television associations within the local chapter or meeting group's geographical area;
    • radio, television, and similar broadcast industries;
    • the TV viewing public;
    • the users of cable telecommunications and broadband communications systems; and
    • various related agencies - both public and private
  • Hold meetings devoted to the discussion of technology related matters, the reading of papers, the interchange of ideas and other such activities that will advance the local chapter or meeting group and the Society's objectives; and promote the cable television and broadband industry.
  • Promote, encourage and support SCTE meetings, seminars, and trade shows with the express purpose of training individuals working in the cable telecommunications and broadband communications industries.
  • Actively participate in the promotion of and training and testing for SCTE Certification Programs.
  • Promote and encourage membership and active participation in the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers Inc.

We cover:

  • Approximately 100,000 square miles
  • Astoria, OR down to Redding, CA
  • Oregon and California coast to the I-5 corridor
  • 17 Cable systems comprised of:
    • Charter Communications
    • Suddenlink Communications
    • Northland Cable